Elizabeth is truly inspiring by the way she lives out her desire to follow the LORD’s lead. She shares GOD’s love not only with her words but with her life. Any reader of this blog can clearly see her trust in CHRIST and her genuine heart for the LORD. I am certain that her kind and healing words refreshes our minds as she serves with a joyful spirit. –Juby, Trivandrum, India

Juby George

I first met Elizabeth’s servant heart in 2009 when she was in charge of hospitality for my wife and myself as we served in India. I have watched that heart to serve and to minister develop as she has journeyed through the different challenges evolving in her life. She is a testament to an unswerving faith in the way Jesus works with us in the good times and bad. The doubts she sometimes expresses are only platforms for increasing her faith in Jesus’ work. What I like about Elizabeth is the very human way she experience life. She is not ashamed to unveil her struggles and the way God has used them to minister, not only to herself, but to many others who are encouraged by her sharing the reality of her walk through life holding Jesus’ hand. As I read her blogs and watch her life I see someone who has developed a practical, biblical theology of the way God partners with us in our day to day lives. – John, Canberra Australia

John Allison

I appreciate how Elizabeth Livingston uses her blog to share her joys and her struggles as a mother, teacher, and Christian. Her open honesty as she discusses the trials she’s faced and the way that she always shows how Jesus has sustained her through them inspires me. It’s a blessing to read her Christ-centered reflections, which help me refocus on His hand in my life as well.  -Anne Clare, USA

Anne Clare

Elizabeth’s articles are insightful conversations emanating straight from her sincere, pious and compassionate heart. She takes the reader on a journey along the pathways of her experiences of joy and sorrow, victory and defeat, fear and faith, concern and assurance, disappointment and hope. The lucid conversational style of writing enables the reader to relate to the content easily. Personally, she has been an inspiration to me ever since I met her in 2017. Her articles have touched and ministered to me and have evoked introspection leading to transformation. The hope that she exudes, springing from her faith in the Lord, is the anchor that holds her boat of life sturdy and steady on life’s perilous, precarious waters. This hope gets imparted to every reader and gives the encouragement to face life’s challenges and struggles triumphantly. – Mini John, Trivandrum, India

Mini John

“Wings of Faith” has been a source of inspiration for me . Elizabeth Livingston is a skillful and insightful story teller who knows how to beautifully balance brutal honesty and raw emotions with faith , grace and hope as she takes us through different phases of her own life’s journey.She has the ability to expose our blind spots, convict our biases and also show us the way to confront our darkest fears and find healing and  restoration in God .Her deep love and unwavering faith in God always stands out in her writings. – Nibu, Nagaland, India


I came across Elizabeth’s Blog through my FB page last year. I went back to read her blogs and spent an entire afternoon going through it’s contents. I later sent her a message on FB which she replied to immediately and since then we have been good friends. I believe El ( as I have affectionately come to call her) is God-fearing and cares more about what God thinks in any situations than her human counterparts. I admire her resilience in the face of what others might consider unfair and applaud the strength , determination and infinite patience she displays. her Blogs address hard to tackle topics and emotions that most at one point of time or the other feel and God’s biblically backed solutions for them. Her writing is sincere and heartfelt and never fails to make me think. It has called me to have a closer walk with Jesus and kindled a desire to be more like Him. I pray that many more lives are touched by El’s writing, that the lost will find their way back to the fold and that God might be glorified through her life and that of her family! – Daphne Winkins, Chennai, India

Daphne Winkins

Hi Elizabeth, I am so blessed by your blog! Truly the Lord has blessed you with an ability to communicate so well…  the way you wrote those messages is so insightful and filled with truth and any one reading them would definitely be able to relate to the life lessons you are teaching. I loved them all, and I mean this with all sincerity! – Jill Cote

Jill Cote

I saw a page in sis. Elizabeth’s blog when I was going through a miserable time. I was lacking courage and confidence to face the reality of life. But when I started to read her blog, that gave me comfort and hope for my future. So I started to notice her blog and I have found somebody who feels like me. – Louja Blesson, Gujrat, India

Louja Blesson

Hi Elizabeth! I read the articles on your blog and first of all let me encourage you to keep on writing! Your real-life stories about your children, your transparency about your feelings and struggles – all this is so needed by a world of women today. Your writing helps others know that they are not alone and that there is someone who understands. Your writing encourages others greatly. You are the kind of writer that takes the reader by the hand and asks them to walk with you as you take steps of endurance and faith. This is so needed today. There are many women and mothers who will feel loved and included after they come to your website. It’s obvious to me that God has called you to minister to others in this way. – Leslie Newmen

Leslie Newmen

Hi Elizabeth, I’m so glad to have found your blog through #Inspire Me Monday# Your story is inspiring. I’m glad you decided to blog even though you thought you were not perfect. Rightly said, “He never calls the perfect but He perfects the called.” I hope that you continue to write for His glory! – Alice Williams

Alice Williams