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Do You Consider “Small Things” Small?

“Do Small Things With Great Love” – My T-shirt has these words written on it. I often wear it at home but never really reflected on its message. Interestingly, who really wants to do small things or even regard them as important right? To be honest, all of us wish for doing something big, something extraordinary and remarkable, something which will bring us applause, admiration, recognition and probably self-satisfaction and a sense of greatness.

The world tells us to go big or go home. You are only admired and considered great when you are successful enough in every area of life. So, somehow we have subscribed to this notion – Big things = Greatness.

For most of my life, I’d believed the same thing. Perhaps, this was one of the reasons I was never quite content with the life I was given. I tried having it all fixed together. I begged God to change my circumstances. I cried millions of tears for having children with special needs. I wanted a different life. Being there for my children’s needs felt like I was trapped between four walls at home. I tried doing different things and works which I thought would bring value to my life and a sense of greatness and fulfilment. I tried to search meaning and purpose for my life outside of God’s plans. Instead of paying close attention to what He wanted me to do, I went on to navigate what I wished for. I refused to do “small things” in order to do big things and do them merely for some sort of recognition.

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