Meet Elizabeth

Hello and welcome to my site. I am glad you are here. I write to encourage others through God’s Word and my own life experiences & insights. I love to share about Jesus and help people keep their faith in Him in the midst of their trials and difficulties. I believe God has unique plans for each one of our lives and when we embrace His promises and trust in His plans, we can live a life which brings Glory to His name even in the midst of our trials and challenges.

sonu nevinI am from Nagpur, Maharashtra the northern part of India. My husband Nevin is from Kerala, the southern part of India. We met in Youth With A Mission, Pune and decided to vow for life- time togetherness. We were married in 2011. Both of us love to serve God and build His kingdom together. Nevin is a worship leader, graphic designer, event organizer  who also has passion to serve God through media ministry. We are blessed with two beautiful kids Asher (9) and Athalie (7). We live in Kerala, Maharashtra, India.

mp2288 9847511505 In the early years of our married life, we faced many difficulties and trials. Our son Asher was on Autism spectrum and our daughter Athalie had damage in her brain which was very complicated situation for us. We suffered a lot of emotional, physical and mental stress. It took years of tears, heartaches and prayers to accept the realities. Life was shifted from normal to challenging.

In the midst of this chaos, Lord helped me come closer to Him and trust His heart of love. In the darkest moments of my motherhood journey, I have learnt to rely fully on God, trust His plans for my children’s future, dive into His Word to comfort my weary soul and to understand His purpose for me in the midst of my chaotic life.

Asher is making good strides in His speech and is no longer classified with a diagnosis of Autism. He is good at reading, drawing, painting & learning about planets. He is studying in 3rd grade and being homeschooled by me. Athalie needs our lot of care and attention as she is a special need child with severe developmental delays. She suffers with sleeplessness and seizures. You can watch her story here -(  Life in our home can be challenging sometimes but we are leaning on the grace and mercy of God to parent our children with much love and patience. We are learning to embrace His strength each day of our lives. We may not make our life perfect, but we can offer it to God so He will use it for His perfect plans. 

At the age of 18 in a Youth camp, when I received Jesus as my personal savior, I felt His call on my life. I gladly dedicated my life for His service and was involved in mission works since then. After marriage, one after another different priorities were added to my life. After Asher and Athalie’s birth, I needed to give my much time to them so I chose to be a stay at home mom. But deep down in my heart I felt restless for not able to use my gifts for God’s work. It’s not that I considered motherhood less significant but the promise I made 12 years ago to dedicate my life for His service, felt unfulfilled. I knew, I was made for multiple purposes to nurture my children, to support my husband and to contribute into the kingdom work. 

Blogging idea came to me through a servant of God who exhorted me to write my life experiences to encourage others. I never had any theology degree or any experience in writing field but I began to write short devotional articles from my personal Bible study and later on articles about how God is leading me through everyday life.

I began to research and study about creative writings and blogging ideas to improve my blogging knowledge and writing skills. No matter how hard I tried, my blog wasn’t decorative, or with good English phrases, with great ideas, experiences and stories to tell like others do. I felt inadequate. I felt I shouldn’t try this out and I felt ready to quit. I even wondered if my chaotic and imperfect life will ever have anything to offer to others.  But God in His mercy and love put a thought in my mind that my potential and purpose are not just about me, it’s about Him. It’s about what He wants to do through me. It’s not about comparison or measuring up. It’s all about pointing people to Him. He has called me to a purpose and wants me to walk in it, wants me to share about HIM and His love with others for His glory. 

God doesn’t really looking for perfection from us but our willingness to answer His call. He knows our shortcomings, our inabilities and our fears. This is where He strengthens us for His work. He never calls the perfect but He perfects the called.

Wings of Faith isn’t just a blog, it’s my journey from the depths of despair to the heights of Hope. It’s about unfolding of each phase of my life as I choose to walk by faith and live in His Grace. It’s an encouragement to those who have given up on their lives and dreams. It is to display God’s heart and character. I hope my Blog will encourage you to trust in Him, follow Him, and His promises everyday in your life no matter what the obstacles are. Thank you so much for reading my story! 

19 thoughts on “Meet Elizabeth”

  1. Elizabeth, I love seeing your sweet spirit that I have come to get to know and love over the years come alive on this blog. You are such an inspiration to me and now to any of the visitors to this site. God bless you as you journey on in this life and sharing golden nuggets of wisdom along the way!

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  2. Hi Elizabeth, I’m so glad to have found your blog through #InspireMeMonday Your story is inspiring. I’m glad you decided to blog even though you thought you were not perfect. Rightly said, “He never calls the perfect but He perfects the called.” I hope that you continue to write for His glory! I too am from South India. (Mom is from Marthandam, TN) I look forward to reading more of your writings.

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      1. Hi Elizabeth,
        I have to admit that I can’t remember when I subscribed to your site. I read your story about your life struggles and precious children. God gave you and your husband these special children because He knew you would do everything for them that is needed. The sorrows and pain that goes along with this has made you lean on God more, and look to Him for guidance. I only wish that I was as faithful as you in my everyday struggles and sadness. I have a very long personal story, and I so want to have a personal relationship with Jesus. I would say that I have religion, but not a relationship. I studied the Bible for many year’s, but for some reason I never got the heart part. I struggle with this everyday, but get know where to develop a personal relationship with GOD.

        I truly am in awe of what you have accomplished. You remind me of Paul, and the fact that he would have liked to be with Jesus, but knew what Jesus would want of him, to stay as long as possible because his work was not finished. Paul suffered but never gave up. He gave his all to Jesus, and that is how i see you Elizabeth.

        I have a lot of reading to do on your blog, and am hoping to learn how to break this wall in my heart for Jesus. Yes, I do believe He died for my sins, and my faith has never been in question. I have always kept believing but not being able to have the feeling that Jesus was sitting next to me with His arm around me. I am hoping to feel that before I pass from this fallen world.

        Thank you for sharing your story, Blessings to you and your family.


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  3. Hello Elizabeth:
    I was so happy to see you comment on my blog yesterday. What a wonderful privilege it is to connect with someone on the other side of the world through Christ. I appreciate your sweet testimony. I, too, accepted Christ at the age of 18. Although I’m now 56 and retired, I spent most of my adult working years in the ministry of Christian education. It seems that no one gets through this life unscathed. Even as Christians, our lives can be full of challenges. However, we have the Lord to see us through each of those challenges and give us joy and hope despite circumstances. I’m always excited to hear how the Lord works in and through the lives of fellow believers. I’m praying that God will bless this new ministry for you. By the way, most of the churches I’ve been a part of in Wisconsin and in Michigan have had one or more missionaries to India, so my prayers have been sent up on behalf of your country for years. God bless.

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    1. Hi Julie! It is my privilege to connect with you. Great to know about your ministry. Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement, I really appreciate your prayers for India. Many blessings to you!


  4. Hello,
    I have a heart for India but ended up not getting my visa to do ministry there. I serve now with my husband planting churches in Nepal. Happy to read your blog and hear of God’s work in your life. Praying his richest blessings on you as you serve Him.

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  5. Elizabeth, I must share with you that because of the fact that God gave you children, He was sending the message to you that your children would be your primary responsibility, but also (please understand this it is so important) in the process of raising your children He would be readying you for further service to Him. In fact, the basic thing is that we are in service to God 24 hours a day 7 days a week, not just in a meeting or a class, it is every day as we do what is primary we are setting an example not just to your children but to those who witness your accomplishments with your children. When you cook for your family you are doing for God, When you teach your children you are doing it for God. When your husband teaches others he is being obedient to God. Bless you in your work and always remember you are doing what you do for God. It is all God’s work.


      1. Hello Elizabeth, we were placed together for a few minutes in January of this year and I remember it so clearly because of your enthusiasm and have wondered about you and your family. You chose a perfect name in Wings of Faith, it couldn’t be more perfect; I have always been fascinated by the texts that talk about the wings of God and how He protects us by His wings. And then I remember that he saved the church in the First Century when He whisked the “woman”away on the wings of an eagle..I have so enjoyed speaking to you again. God Bless You

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  6. Hello Elizabeth,
    Thank you for sharing your words “Take a step forward” at God-sized Dreams. Through your words, God encouraged me.
    Thank You Sister!
    Love in Christ,

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  7. Hello Elizabeth,

    A very good initiative, today the most effect way to share gospel is through blogs and social media. May God bless you, and help you to reach to unreachable.

    Love in Christ,
    Prophet Manoj KG

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