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Do You Consider “Small Things” Small?

“Do Small Things With Great Love” – My T-shirt has these words written on it. I often wear it at home but never really reflected on its message. Interestingly, who really wants to do small things or even regard them as important right? To be honest, all of us wish for doing something big, something extraordinary and remarkable, something which will bring us applause, admiration, recognition and probably self-satisfaction and a sense of greatness.

The world tells us to go big or go home. You are only admired and considered great when you are successful enough in every area of life. So, somehow we have subscribed to this notion – Big things = Greatness.

For most of my life, I’d believed the same thing. Perhaps, this was one of the reasons I was never quite content with the life I was given. I tried having it all fixed together. I begged God to change my circumstances. I cried millions of tears for having children with special needs. I wanted a different life. Being there for my children’s needs felt like I was trapped between four walls at home. I tried doing different things and works which I thought would bring value to my life and a sense of greatness and fulfilment. I tried to search meaning and purpose for my life outside of God’s plans. Instead of paying close attention to what He wanted me to do, I went on to navigate what I wished for. I refused to do “small things” in order to do big things and do them merely for some sort of recognition.

I had it all wrong. Instead of being in the realm where God had placed me for a reason, I was creating my own realm, my own kingdom for my own happiness and glory. It took years for me to understand that greatness doesn’t come from doing our will, trying hard to prove our worth to the world, gaining accolades or even showcasing our talents and skills, rather it comes from remaining at the centre of God’s will. Greatness comes from influencing, impacting, and serving in the realm where God has positioned us. Sometimes the realm may seem small and insignificant but doing things His way will ultimately reveal to us the greater picture of His plans.

As Pastor Tony Evans says in his book “Destiny”,

When you are living your life according to God’s purpose, He will cause all things in your life to blend together for good. When you are committed to Him above all else, He will measure everything in your life – the good, bad, and bitter and blend them into something divine.

In essence, all things in your life, including the small things you do or have, will yield a significant outcome for His glory. When you remain faithful to the little you have been entrusted with (remember the parable of the talents?) It will be measured as great.

Jesus redefines the definition of greatness by showing us a way which is contrary to the world. Small things = Greatness

In Mathew 20:26 – 27 Jesus says to His disciples, “Whoever wants to be great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be your slave.”

He states through His life that reigning the world means serving it.

We often put “service” into the “small things” category. Don’t we? But Jesus shows us the significance of it in the Kingdom of God. In fact, He compares the Kingdom of God with a tiny mustard seed and a pinch of yeast. He chooses small and ordinary manger instead of a royal palace. He compares His death with a small kernel of wheat which falls to the ground and dies but ultimately brings forth a great harvest. He notices and values the two mites of the widow in the temple amidst the great wealth others are putting into the treasury. He welcomes the lunch box of a boy to feed over five thousand. He invites little ones to come to Him. He values one lost sheep over the rest ninety nine. He proclaims through His messages that the least of the people are the most precious in the sight of God. Friends! Small things are considered great in His kingdom!

He says, you are great when you serve, when you do small things with the power of love, when you put others first, when you care for your neighbour, when you give yourself in service for others, when you serve humanity with your life.

He demonstrated to us the definition of greatness by becoming a human to serve His purpose for the world. He says, “The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Mathew 20:28

In his book, “In Charge”, Dr Myles Munroe writes,

Greatness in our materialistic world is defined as fame, popularity, scholastic or economic achievement and notoriety. Greatness may result from these qualities but they are not the definition of greatness. Rather greatness comes from your service to the world. When you serve with your gifts, you become significant to humanity and people will describe you as “great”. In summary, greatness is significance. It comes from the value you add to others’ lives by serving them. Greatness isn’t about how many people are serving you, rather how many you are serving through your life.

So what makes you great?

You are great when you are serving others, you are great when you are doing that less-appreciated job to fulfil the needs of your family, you are great when you are looking after a loved one who is unwell, you are great when you are making a difference in the lives of the underprivileged with your time and talents, you are great when you are encouraging a friend, you are great when you are letting your life make a dent in the universe with a positive force, you are great when you are cooking meals for your family, you are great when you are raising your kids, you are great when you are influencing the realm where God has placed you for a purpose and you are great when you do small things with great love!

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