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When The Perfect Comes…

On 9th April, I received a voice mail from my friend Sheetal in the morning. A couple of months back, we were talking about God’s healing and about the same topic, she had shared her beautiful and deep insights with me. I listened to the mail and thanked her for her thoughtful message.

But little did I know that I would need her words in the next few weeks; or maybe, the voice message was preparing me in advance for the worst that was headed my way.

The very next day, my parents and my younger brother were tested positive for Covid -19. And within a few days’ time, my husband too was found infected by the virus. My biggest fear came true as the deadly virus had reached my dear ones when I least expected it.

My brother’s and father’s health was stable but my mother and husband got severely sick. Fear gripped my heart as I saw their health condition getting worse with each passing day. Since all the nearby hospitals were full of covid patients, it was challenging to get instant medical care. Doctors prescribed medicines for them and suggested they be home-quarantined.

I would hear my mother cry due to pain in her body all day long. She became very weak and was losing her will to live. My husband on the other side was suffering from extreme weakness too and couldn’t even speak to me or eat anything. 

My days were filled with looking after my husband, mother, and my two kids as well. My other family members couldn’t travel to reach our place, but I had their best help, prayers and support in every way possible. But fear of the unknown wouldn’t leave my thoughts. I would get anxious with the slightest fall in their oxygen levels, or rise in their body temperatures. My faith in God would shake, seeing their conditions with my natural eyes, instead of through the eyes of faith. Honestly, I felt this would not end so well.

Once in the same home, where my mother, my husband, and I had laughed together, had a good times of get -togethers and even spoke on the topic of the pandemic a multiple times, now in that same home, both of my dear family members were struggling in pain and sickness. They had lost their charisma, their smile, and their vibrancy due to the virus. I did everything I could to bring comfort to them.  But no matter what I did for them, it became hard for them to get through each day.

In the mid-hours of the night, when I would be done with all the household chores, I would walk towards their beds to pray. But my faith would waver as their health difficulties increased much in the night. Vomiting, headache, fever, and body ache would take a toll on their already weak bodies. 

With my extremely exhausted body and frightened mind, I hardly could pray for them. But I would recall just one sentence from my friend’s voice mail – When the perfect comes, the imperfect has to leave. Remembering this one line, I would ask Jesus to come into each cell of their bodies and make them whole again. I couldn’t pray any more than that.

But Jesus knew my plight. He walked with me through all these hard and lonely weeks. He stood by me even when my faith was shaken. He strengthened my tired body each day, and kept me safe from being infected all the time I served them.

And most of all, He did hear my feeble prayer. There were much possibilities of my mother’s and husband’s health to get worse as per their medical report and health issues. I alone had witnessed their struggles and felt helpless for not getting a proper medical care for them. But surprisingly, they began to get better with each passing day. They began to eat, began to gather strength, to get up from their beds, and slowly they began to get back to their usual selves.

My heart fills with gratitude towards God and my eyes fill with tears of joy to see them regain their health. I know for sure that it’s just His grace that has been bestowed on them.

Yes! The Perfect did come for their rescue and for mine too! Thus, the imperfect had to leave!

“When perfection comes, the imperfection disappears”. 1st Corinthians 13:10 

16 thoughts on “When The Perfect Comes…”

  1. Elizabeth, you are a woman of faith and courage. I pray that your husband and mother continue to make a full and complete recovery.

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  2. Beautifully presented! I love the courage and faith you have. God bless you dear as you face each day…let every imperfections leave and perfection take its rightful place in your life and your loved ones.

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  3. Brother Nevin was in our prayers all the time. Thank you for your testimony, may it encourage others going through similar experiences.

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  4. Beautiful testimony dear sister….love the way you expressed yourfears and yet continued to persevere through all the uncertainties…..this has encouraged me so much today….God bless you all❤️🙏

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  5. Praise God !!! So happy that They are safe and srable.
    Eli, your testimony really touched me and so encouraging ! Thanks for sharing.
    May God continue to safe and protect you and all your dear ones.
    Convey my love n regards to your mom and Nevin .

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