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Limiting Bowl Of An Unlived Life

We have a tiny guest in our home. It’s a pretty little fish. Our house owners, an elderly couple, are out of station and asked us to look after their pet fish for a few days.

As I observe this little aquatic creature every day, a thought came into my mind: Even though this fish is created to live in a stream and swim with the vibrant current of fresh water along with other fish, sadly it is bound to stay in this small bowl with a little water for someone else’s happiness. This bowl has become the whole world for it and it is needless to say that this beautiful looking bowl is limiting the fish’s real potential, its very purpose it is created for.

A lot of us feel the same way – trapped within a constraint. Don’t we? Deep down we know we are created for more, we are to live God-sized dreams, we are to be our best self, we are to be everything God has created us to be and we are to live out our purpose and potential fully. But often times life feels confined in a small and limiting bowl of someone else’s wrong choices or someone else’s happiness and convenience or our inability to have courage or life’s circumstances, our fear, self-doubts or maybe our lack of conviction in realizing our true worth and abilities.

And just like this fish which swims and lives in the small bowl probably believing that this is what its life is all about, we live our lives in a limited mind-set, mediocrity and learned helplessness thinking that there’s no way out. We live life as it comes wondering if there’s more to it than we can actually see.  

Sadly, this little fish may never live up to its true potential and eventually will die in the bowl in a few years’ time not knowing and experiencing the zest, energy and ecstasy of living and swimming in a fresh stream’s waters.

But, I am afraid that my life may end this way, never fully realizing and experiencing the zeal and fullness of the potential God has placed within me. I am afraid that I may not truly live out the gift of life He has blessed me with. I am afraid that I may not live for the reason that I am created for. I am afraid that my life may pass by without God’s purpose being fulfilled and without God being glorified by it.

What about you?

Life is ending with every passing minute. Our days are probably spent in dealing with life’s trivial issues, mindless scrolling on mobile screens, discussing people rather than ideas, struggling with the classic four quadrants of time management, searching for the urgent and important in life and deciding between which decisions to make. And somewhere in the midst of it all, an inner voice taunts us about the life we are yet to live and experience. In other words, we feel trapped in a limiting bowl of an unlived life.

Don’t die with the music still inside you.

Dr. Wayne Dyer

Living out our full potential means to serve the world with the gifts which only we are born to give. The answers, the ideas, the dreams, and the visions only we are designed to bring forth. God wants us to refine the gifts He has placed within us. He wants us to connect with Him deeply to know who we are in Him. He wants us to overcome our fears and doubts by taking the steps of faith and courage. He wants us to release the magnificent wealth He placed within us to reach out and touch many lives. He wants us to be the reflections of His glory to the perishing world.

There’s always an ocean waiting for us beyond the limiting bowl, but are we ready to take a leap?

“You must decide if you are going to rob the world or bless it with the rich, valuable, potent, untapped resources locked away within you.” Dr. Myles Munroe

2 thoughts on “Limiting Bowl Of An Unlived Life”

  1. Hi Elizabeth, I really enjoyed reading your writings. You are so thoughtful. Yes, what you find out is so true. Even me I felt that I am not doing what I can do. I need to work out. God has given us so much of ability or potential. Really need to live a full life.

    Thank you so much for writing this article. God bless you.



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