When Your Star Refuses To Shine

The morning wasn’t like any other morning as things got messed up between Nevin and me. We had a conversation which ended in both of us getting angry and upset with each other to the point that we didn’t have our breakfast in the morning. We had differences of opinions and ideas on a certain matter which resulted in a harsh talk. Both of our words and actions have hurt each other and we knew it. We didn’t talk further but remained silent for the rest of the day.

A Christmas star which we have put in front of our home too wasn’t lit up that day. Both of us weren’t in a mood to let the star shine. The star which illuminated our entrance every evening was hanging there in the dark. It was the only Christmas star in our entire locality but that evening it didn’t give light at all. A few days back, it was the same shining star which made us feel the beginning of the Christmas season as we so excitedly hung it in front of our entrance. But today, the anger and grudges which we held within our hearts prevented us from allowing the star to give us delight. We chose darkness instead of light literally and metaphorically.

However, the next day things began to get better between us. Though we didn’t speak out but we knew we needed to let the anger go away and choose love and forgiveness for each other. We began to communicate as if nothing had happened yesterday. Our actions and words seemed wrapped in love and realization of our own faults. We could choose to remain holding grudges for each other but I am glad we chose the latter.

The next evening, our Christmas star was lit again illuminating our entrance with its bright light, but moreover, we have lit the star of love and forgiveness in our hearts letting the darkness of anger go away.

2000 years ago, the star of Bethlehem guided the three wise men to baby Jesus. It guided them to worship Him and offer their gifts to Him. The star was also the heavenly sign of prophesy predicted long ago. The shining star in the sky was the reason for them to be greatly overjoyed.

 When the wise men saw the star, they were overjoyed exceedingly with great joy. (Mathew 2:10)

Today, our lives are the guide to the manger. With the light which is within us, we are to guide others to Jesus – the glorious hope to humanity. The central message of Christmas is that we are loved, accepted and forgiven and the very message we are to live out from our day to day lives.

When we choose to let the darkness of anger, grudges and bitterness be held in our hearts, we prevent the light to shine forth from our lives. In other words, we refuse to let the star shine and guide others to Jesus’s love. So, as we prepare our hearts to celebrate the birth of our King, let our lives shout out His ways. Let our deeds reflect His shining glory. Let our best gifts for others be wrapped up in love, acceptance and forgiveness. Let us choose to let our star shine forth to guide others to the manger – to Jesus and to His unconditional love for us.

Wishing You A Joyous And Blessed Christmas!

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