Hope Is Born For Us!

Christmas brings many memories to me with its arrival and the special ones are the childhood memories off course. As a little girl, Christmas was the most awaited time of the year for me and I am sure for all the kids it’s exciting. It’s all because of the carols, new dress ( matching clips & bangles:) ), Christmas tree & decorations, church functions, dance, games, prizes, helping mom to make special dishes, snacks & sweets to distribute and it was all fun almost for an entire month of December. Even though we didn’t have any rich or grand celebration but my parents made sure that all their kids are happy during the festival within the limited resources which they could provide.

So for me Christmas was all about excitement and a lots of fun as a little girl and even as I was growing up I had the same concept for Christmas, like it’s a Christian festival and I never went on to search for a true or deeper meaning of Christmas until one Christmas night I had no happiness or any kind of celebration around me but only my extremely sick one year old daughter in my hands who was having continuous seizures attacks. Alone in my room, I wondered why I had to go through such trial while the world out there celebrates the birth of Jesus and has all kinds of parties & fun going on. Why would I have this pain of seeing my child suffer, and I don’t even get to have any celebration or any family gathering or any enjoyment? And all I could do was cry and feel sorry for myself….

But as I was deeply thinking about my feelings, I realized that Christmas wasn’t all about festivity and fun but it was all about celebrating Jesus who was born for me this day to bring me hope, comfort and peace right in the midst of my sufferings, who was born to trade my sorrows with His joy. HE HAS COME and it should be the biggest reason for me to celebrate.

Life is all about good times and difficult ones.  Sometimes, we may find ourselves in a challenging season unexpectedly. But the good news is even if the seasons of our lives change, God doesn’t. He continuously provides His abundant grace upon our lives in the good seasons and the difficult ones.

What’s most important is that we must have the joy of Christmas inside of us knowing that our savior was born for us, to take away our burdens, to wipe our tears, to accept us and to love us unconditionally. The joy which isn’t centered on all the festive glitters & shines but is based on knowing that the best gift for you and me is sent to us this day.

I don’t know which hard season you are facing right now. Maybe you are feeling disheartened, broken and miserable. Maybe your loved ones aren’t with you, or you have lost someone close to you, or you are dealing with a scary diagnosis, or someone you love is battling for life in the hospital or you can name it.

But don’t let the absence of “celebration” rob you of celebrating the true reason of celebration and its Jesus.

You can joyfully celebrate His birth, His promise, His hope and His grace in your life. Let Christmas be the beautiful reminder to you and me that we can be more than a conqueror in Him who has conquered the darkness with His light. Jesus is born to give us HOPE in the midst of life’s uncertainties and storms, He came to sacrifice His life on the Cross, He was forsaken and He went through agony so we will have life and have it in abundance!

Let’s celebrate Jesus “our Hope” which is born for us this day!

I wish you a joyous and blessed Christmas!

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