Unseen doesn’t mean unimportant

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Recently, on the “About” page of my blog I received a comment from a reader which made me think deeply about what really is a service to God. The comment kept on crossing my mind and helped me to develop a new outlook about the importance and influence of my day to day life and how it ultimately serves the Lord.

“Elizabeth, I must share with you that because of the fact that God gave you children, He was sending the message to you that your children would be your primary responsibility, but also (please understand this it is so important) in the process of raising your children He would be readying you for further service to Him. In fact, the basic thing is that we are in service to God 24 hours a day 7 days a week, not just in a meeting or a class, it is every day as you do what is primary, you are setting an example not just to your children but to those who witness your accomplishments with your children. When you cook for your family you are doing for God, when you teach your children you are doing it for God. When your husband teaches others he is being obedient to God. Bless you in your work and always remember you are doing what you do for God. It is all God’s work.”

Many times I disregarded the importance of daily tasks! I do like raising kids, cooking for family and other household works…but thinking that these are mundane jobs which aren’t prominent enough to give any value to my life. I didn’t put them into the ‘service to God’ category. But these unseen tasks I do, definitely created a difference in my family’s life. Each time I served food, each time I spent time playing with my son, each time I did some massage and exercise for my daughter, each time I spent talking and listening to my husband I was investing in their lives. I was giving out a part of my life to them. Eventually, I served the Lord by serving my family.

It’s very true that we are in service to God 24 hours and 7 days a week. He wants us to live an intentional life daily. And our influence resides in our day to day life – when we raise our kids, look after our family’s needs, encourage a friend, serve elderly parents, offer hospitality to others, make a phone call to ask about our friends & relatives, offer help to people in need or just say thanks to people who help us.

These tasks might seem unimportant but they do matter and make a great difference in the lives of people God has placed in our lives. Our parenting, relationships, works and all that we do become meaningful and rewarding when we do it unto Him. Even though most of the works are unnoticed and unseen by people they are definitely seen and rewarded by God.

I want to encourage you to continue to be faithful with all the daily jobs God has entrusted you with. Give it all you have knowing that everything you do, you do it unto Him. Don’t despise them because they aren’t glamorous enough to give value to your life or to become your FB/Instagram posts or come under the ‘service to God’ category. You might feel invisible and insignificant while doing them but God is aware of them. This is where He prepares you for the greater responsibilities. Through each work you do, you bring glory and honour to your creator.

Dear Lord, help me become a glass of refreshing water to the thirsty souls you placed in my life. Help me become the person you want me to be. Grant me your guidance and strength to play each role in my life and do all my works faithfully which will bring glory to you! In Jesus’s name, Amen!





6 thoughts on “Unseen doesn’t mean unimportant”

  1. What a great reminder that all we do is unto the Lord! Years ago, my primary ministries were a in high school classroom and a thriving youth group, and it felt like I was always serving the Lord. When I took a break from those things to be a full-time mom, there were plenty of days of questioning it all in the midst of the ordinary. May we remember that every minute is ministry!

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  2. Dear Elizabeth, imagine how boring life would be if we were called to a singular role in life. Thank you for the reminder that nothing we do for/with the Lord is menial. Blessings.

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  3. Dear Elizabeth, I am stunned to be included in the story of your spiritual growth, but more than that I am honored, and overwhelmed. You have given me a gift that I will always cherish in that you and I have been honored with seeing God’s work.You know how it is I’m sure when you do something that seems right, wondering at times if it will make a difference. I felt your sincerity and your determination and I spoke to you as a mother concerned for her child, never expecting to see you again. That in itself is a blessing for me, to make contact with you again. Keep your eyes on Him and He will continue to bless your work. In His Love, Marie

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