Faithfulness of God

A Legacy of God’s Faithfulness!

god's faithfullness

My Mom wrote an encouraging note on my diary when I first began my journey into mission work. The note is in Marathi which is my native language.


Dear Rani (it’s my nickname)

My best wishes to you for the path you have chosen to serve God. The path you have chosen is God’s will for your life. He will be with you and will provide for you. Cast all your cares upon Him. God will be with you. You will be leaving me soon. I feel a little sad about it but I am so happy that you are going to serve God. I feel so proud to see my children in ministry. Don’t worry about me. Just keep me in your prayers. May God help you in everything you do.

Your Mom      

She also wrote a few Bible verses for me to meditate on and stay encouraged. Psalm 55:22, 121:7 & Isaiah 41:13

My mum is one of the best gifts of God to me. She is my encourager, inspiration, my role model and my friend. Her life, devoted to God’s work and His people, always amazes me. Her sacrificial service to her family, her loving relationships with others, her wisdom in dealing with family issues, her courage to face trials and overcome them with the help of God make me love and respect her more and more. Being raised in an orphanage, she has bestowed much love and care upon her children.

From 1999-2002 she continuously suffered with a kidney related ailment. For almost four years she has been in and out of hospital. She would get so sick that she needed to be taken to hospital in the ambulance. Our family went through a difficult period. Our school, studies and upbringing were all affected. I, as a 12 year old girl, would always fear her sudden death. I constantly stayed with her, taking care of her the best way I could because I didn’t want to lose my mom. Whenever I returned home from school, I dreaded seeing people gathered around my home because I feared that my mom had passed away. The fear of losing her, constantly hovered over my mind.

Being brought up in a Pastor’s family since childhood, I knew about Jesus and his miracles through stories, songs and skits taught in our Sunday school and church. But I never knew Jesus personally. One day I got the news that my mom was seriously sick and might not survive for long. She was admitted into hospital. That time I was alone at home and I wanted to pray for her life. I held her saree in my hand and started to pray for her. With tears rolling down my cheeks and a weight on my heart I said to Jesus, “I need my mom, please don’t take her away.” I sobbed saying only this one sentence as I didn’t know what else to pray as a 12 year old girl.

My mom’s health condition began to improve gradually. Doctors were astonished to see her speedy recovery. She was discharged from hospital in only a few days’ time. Slowly she regained her health. Her medical reports were coming back “normal”.

I only knew about Jesus, but now I could know Him, experience His love for me and my family, realise His faithfulness in my life and understand that He hears us when we call to Him.

Since 2002 till this day, she has enjoyed good health; no hospital stay, no major health issues, and she is the most energetic person in our family. She is the source of blessing and encouragement to everyone who meets her. Her smile, her talk and her life principles are impacting people around her. I thank God that she is still with me and has been a great support to me in all my ups and downs. She is the legacy of God’s faithfulness in my life.


Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the Lord delivereth him out of them all.” Psalm 34:19


14 thoughts on “A Legacy of God’s Faithfulness!”

      1. Hi Liza:
        The reason calling you Liza is because my daughters name is also Elizabeth and we call her Liza.
        I am thrilled to read your page on your Mom. What a life of God’s faithfulness! I thank God for her life and ministry. It gives me immense joy to see that all her children are in the ministry. Give my regards to your Mom and Dad.
        May the Lord Bless you and your ministry.

        Rev. Nagesh Ingle, Nagpur
        Hope you know me now.

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  1. Oh, Elizabeth, what a beautiful testimony to the power of God, the power of prayer, and to a Momma’s heart! What a precious gift she is ♥ I would love to know her life story someday. So often children who grow up in orphanages do not receive the care they need and it effects the way they trust others which leads to broken relationships and emotional health problems. Again, the power of God to transform all of that and make your mom someone who loves great BIG!

    Thank you for sharing this hope with us at the #MomentsofHope Link-Up!
    Blessings and smiles,

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Dear Elizabeth, I read almost all your blogs. They are inspiring. To share your testimony, when you are in the midst of a storm in so encouraging. You are able to glorify God in your brokenness is a real testimony of the goodness of our Lord. HE is raising you for a higher purpose. May you be blessed dear!

    Liked by 1 person

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