There is Power in your Pain!

power in the pain

A few months ago, a parenting community named “mycity4kids” hosted a contest for bloggers – “Having A Baby Changes Everything”. This contest was all about sharing motherhood stories, joyful moments with the little ones and the excitement of their first milestones. Since I was one of the members and bloggers of this parenting community I received the notification for the contest too. The notifications kept coming into my inbox throughout the month. I was receiving the articles of other bloggers who wrote their motherhood journeys so beautifully.

I so wanted to be part of the contest but I was hesitant to share about my parenting journey, because my motherhood wasn’t filled with fun, laughter and exciting things like other mums. I was sure, even if I did write, it wouldn’t be good enough to fit into the contest or to bring any cheer to my readers.

There were a few days remaining till the contest closed. I was having continuous prompting in my heart to write about my motherhood experience and what it means for me to be a mother. I would begin to type the words and I would delete them. I didn’t want my story to look different than the other bloggers. I wanted to be part of the crowd. For most of them, their lives were changed by experiencing the joy of motherhood but for me, my life was changed by experiencing the heartaches of motherhood.

My motherhood story was full of pain, tears and fear of the unknown about my little ones. My 3 years old son was diagnosed with Autism and my 2 years old daughter had damage in her brain which later developed into rare epileptic disorder and severe developmental delays. There weren’t any milestones, first words, rolling, babbling, giggling but hospital stays, painful injections, MRIs, blood tests, tantrums, inconsolable crying and chaotic life.

In the midst of my dilemma to write or not to write for the contest, a thought stuck my mind. I decided to write believing that even if my motherhood story doesn’t bring any cheer to the readers or stand out for any prize in the contest, it might encourage a few troubled hearts of those mothers who are going through similar situations like mine.

So I began writing about my motherhood story and how it changed my life and perspective towards the definition of motherhood. And with much courage I posted it. I titled it “A Contrasting Tale of A Motherhood”.

To my surprise, within a couple of days, I had more than 84,000 people viewing my story, many Facebook comments & shares and hundreds of mom across the country writing to me that they are really encouraged by my words. Some of them wrote how it helped them to value their motherhood, some of them just thanked me for helping them see the positive side of their struggles as mothers, some of them wrote prayers for me and some of them found my story inspiring.

The head of the Blogger community personally thanked me saying

“Thank you so much for sharing your parenting story with us. I came across your post and thought to recognise your efforts for this publication. I think it’s great that you are able to put your life in words. There are many of us who would address the trifle issues and not recognise the roller coaster ride parenthood can be. So thank you, once again for this post. Our readers long to hear more about your life and your positive attitude towards life”.

I thought my “different” story wouldn’t fit into the theme of the contest but more than anything else God wanted to use it to bring healing, comfort and encouragement to many hearts.

I know He had given me those words to write to turn my miseries, struggles, and discouraging moments into a beautifully woven article of inspiration.

Have you ever felt God nudging your heart to share something but you felt it wasn’t worth sharing? It could be your abusive past, your failure, a story of your life which is filled with painful moments, or any of your life incidents or experiences that you wouldn’t want to bring into the light?

You probably think that it’s not going to help others, it’s not worth sharing, you are still waiting for a miracle or happy ending for that story, and you aren’t sure what people will think of your inadequacies, short comings and disappointments.

Dear friend! No matter which crisis you are going through, there is a purpose behind your pain; there is a testimony, an inspiring and influential message which people out there are waiting to hear. It may not encourage the multitudes but will surely reassure most of those who need to hear some words of comfort and assurance today.

God has a plan for your pain. Don’t stop yourself. Don’t undermine the power of your pain. Your story can bring encouragement and inspiration to many. Your life experiences can heal the broken-hearted, point them to the hope and love of Christ and help them to thrive amidst their problems.

When God nudges your heart, be ready, you are about to enlighten someone’s life with yours.


Here’s the link to my parenting story. If you want to read, please click the below link.



20 thoughts on “There is Power in your Pain!”

  1. I love how God used your story to encourage others, that he can take even the painful parts of our stories that we are reluctant to share and use them to bless others. There is something I feel God has been prompting me to share and I haven’t been sure about it, but then I linked up next to you at Coffee For Your Heart today and got to read your story! It encourages me to go for it, and that it’s worth it, even if it’s only to make a difference to one or two people.

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  2. Dear Elizabeth, my world reeled when our first child died. At times, I even thought God didn’t love me. It all changed when I realized part of the reason for my pain was to use it to comfort others. What a paradigm shift! Out of my pain came a glimpse of how much God must love me in order to have a purpose and plan for me. How brave you are to share your story, to let God use you! Prayers for encouragement, strength, and wisdom.

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    1. Hi Alice! It’s so encouraging to know God has used your pain to comfort others. I am sorry for your loss. I pray God’s continuous grace and guidance on your life. Thanks for your prayer and kind words. Blessing to you!


  3. Thank you for sharing your story and encouraging so many moms out there. It’s incredible how our Father uses the most challenging, heartbreaking situations for His perfect purpose.

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  4. I’m so glad that God spoke to you on how your story could bless and encourage others. And, I’m glad you listened and obeyed. It must be incredibly encouraging for you to have an outpouring of so many telling you how your story blessed them. Keep up the good work. May the Lord continue to bless you with all the wisdom, peace, courage, and love that you and your husband need to carry on caring for your children through all those difficult moments that may still be to come. May you sense His awesome Presence with you through it all.

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  5. Elizabeth, Thank you so much for sharing your story and encouraging moms everywhere. The journey can be hard and we are strengthened when we know we’re not alone! God bless you and thanks so much for linking up at Faith ‘n Friends Link Party.

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  6. Hey Elizabeth,
    My wife is pregnant with our third now. It often feels like there is so much to do and one can’t handle one more thing… and then things really start to fall apart. I wonder how we’ll look back at our lives one day and evaluate all those moments of pain. I think if we keep our eyes on God and continue to believe that he is good, we will always have hope, even in our suffering. We’ll always have some. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

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    1. Hi Michael! You are right.We have hope in our sufferings. I am glad you stopped by. Thanks for following Wings of Faith. I pray everything goes well with your wife. Blessings to you!


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