Are you hearing all voices except His?


A couple of weeks ago, one of our friends and his family visited our home first time. We know them from past 8 years as we were together on Ywam outreach in Sri Lanka in 2010. We met after a long time so all the memories of our outreach were evoked. We recalled the travels, the stay, food, fun, ministry and all the ups and downs we had. During our outreach ministry, we as a team of ten people shared Gospel through personal testimonies, messages, choreography and skits. We all had awesome time of ministry during our three months of internship which we all have always cherished to this time.

I remember, my favorite part of outreach ministry was to perform skits. It was exciting to act different characters. We had few skits to perform each time we visited the local community, churches and villages of Sri lanka. People always responded well to the skits.

One of the skits was about a person’s identity and worth. This person doesn’t know who he is. He is on a journey to search for his real identity and worth. Whomever he meets on his way, isn’t able to tell him who he really is. People say, “You aren’t of any worth, you aren’t loved, you aren’t good looking, you aren’t talented, you are rejected, you are a failure and there is no hope for you. All these voices begin to echo in his ears and he is totally confused about his real identity and worth. He starts to believe what people have said about him. Out of despair he cries out in a lonely place where he meets Jesus who tells him his real identity. Jesus says to him that he is a child of God, he is created in God’s image, he is worthy, he can do all things through Him, he is loved and accepted because Jesus himself has died on the cross for him to give him a life of worth and  true identity.

While recalling this skit today, I began to ponder deeply on the beautiful message it conveys. Once I had played the main character, not in the skit but in a my real life. And I know how it felt to wonder about my true identity.  All the voices were telling me that I am of no worth, I am unaccepted, cursed, unloved, unnoticed, forgotten, and left alone. I thought I can’t be a good mother, a wife or a daughter to my family. I allowed those voices to define my identity. I believed what they said to be true about me. In a culture where people think God’s blessings are all about prosperity, health and success, I couldn’t stand my faith with everything happening just opposite in my life year after year after year. Alone in my room with my sick child I ended my days with tears, bitterness and feelings of loneliness and rejection.

I doubted God’s love for me, I doubted His plans for my life, I denied the purpose of my life and I even wondered if He really had any plan for me when I was created.

All these lies crippled my confidence and self-esteem leaving me to wonder about my real identity and worth. And just like the skit, Jesus had to visit my lonely soul once again to remind me of my real identity and worth in Him.

I found these truth about myself after digging deep into His Word whenever I felt defeated by the negative voices.

When I thought I was of no value, He said, “I paid the price for you on the cross so I alone know the worth of you.” 1 Corinthians 6:20

When I thought I was unnoticed, He said, “I see you, I see every tears that fall from your eyes.” Genesis 16:13

When I thought I was left alone, He said, “ You aren’t alone. I am with you always.” Isaiah 41:10

When I thought the struggles of my life will always last, He said, “Your days of sorrows will end. “ Isaiah 60:20

When I thought there isn’t any hope for my life, He said, “I have plans for your life.” Jeremiah 29:11

When I thought I was forgotten by Him, He said, “I have engraved you on the palms of my hands.” Isaiah 49:16

When I thought I will never be able to do anything in my life, He said, “I will strengthen you to do all things.” Philippians 4:13

Instead of listening to the negative voices, I began to incline my ears to His Word. Instead of feeling defeated by them, I began to raise up knowing my true worth is found in Him alone. Whenever my strength failed, He embraced me with His outstretched arms, raised me out of the ashes, crowned my life with beauty, joy, peace, self-worth and reminded me of my true identity as the DAUGHTER OF THE MOST HIGH GOD.

And, “I will be a Father to you, and you will be my sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty.” 2 Corinthians 6:18

Dear Friend, I don’t know if you too are struggling to find your true identity and worth in the world which is full of different voices. Let me encourage you to look to the one who paid the price for you. Seek Him for He alone knows how much it cost. Don’t ever let any negative voices define your identity and worth. You are the child of the most high God. You are forgiven, accepted, loved, chosen, and valued by your Heavenly Father. You are precious to Him because you were bought by His precious blood. Let your identity and worth be defined by His unconditional love for you.





9 thoughts on “Are you hearing all voices except His?”

  1. Hi Elizabeth! Thank you for your beautiful words about our ‘true identity’ and worth – lovely Bible verses you’ve shared as well. I’m a firsttime visitor to your lovely site and glad to have ‘met’ you today. Blessings!

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